A comparison and contrast of jordan and bird in the game of basketball

The final game marked the beginning of the rivalry between future hall of famers johnson and larry bird to this day, it remains the highest-rated game in the history of televised college basketball. You can enjoy our professional essay service which can help with writing your comparison essay on football and basketball get 100% original custom compare and contrast essay written from scratch get 100% original custom compare and contrast essay written from scratch. Executive at basketball-referencecom compare larry bird to other players search larry bird's game log history m jordan, m johnson .

Nash wasn't afraid to drop a jordan comparison, unsolicited it's scary, the two-time mvp said of lebron's play no one's quite played the game the way he's playing it, as consistently as he's . Michael jordan was and still remains the greatest basketball player in the history of the game trying to suggest lebron james is the best basketball player of all-time right now is undoubtedly . This is a comparison of michael jordan's numbers with those of the other nba greatest stars although michael jordan's numbers and achievements are clearly fantastic at first sight, it is always good to take a look at the big picture. Phil talking about kobe and jordan comparison (11/25) has been copying bird recently so it probably took a while for the essence of his game to come out .

Larry bird on 1-on-1 vs michael jordan: 'he'd kill me' but it would be a pretty close game (laughs) back in the day, back when i played, they didn't have class basketball, now they do . Larry bird and magic johnson are two of the best to ever do it how do they compare in the stats department go to main menu in that game, bird had 12 points, nine rebounds and nine assists . Pippen was a heck of a wing man for jordan with the bulls and provided a reliable scoring option alongside jordan during the team's incredible run in the 1990s but does that comparison -- saying . Kobe vs jordan: a complete comparison of two nba greats in utter contrast, jordan’s points, rebounds, assists, and minutes per game all increase, as well as . Lebron james helped the cavs dominate the celtics and passed michael jordan as the nba's all-time leader in postseason points usa today sports lebron james scored a game-high 35 points in the .

Bird is the best small forward of all time and jordan is the best shooting guard of all-time bird was a much better rebounder, at 6'9 he averaged 10 rpg, 4 more than jordans career number bird was a much better shooter, bird shot 40% from the 3pt line, jordan 30%. If so, the celtics have the seven greatest players of all time – and larry bird isn’t one of them (kobe vs lebron) and then from kobe vs jordan: this drives home the proof that there truly is not much of a competition in this comparison. Nba all-star michael jordan (l) of the washington wizards watches kobe bryant (r) of the los angeles lakers miss his second free throw that would have ended the nba all-star game at philips arena .

Lebron james and michael jordan if you've watched basketball seriously for more in history to compare and contrast the careers of these two, who are probably the greatest wing players of all . It's an apples to apples comparison jordan is a better, more efficient version of bryant it's rare to find legends of the game honoring the current crop of stars rather than besmirching . The national basketball association (nba) is one of the most famous men’s basketball leagues in existence the nba has produced some famous players, like larry bird, michael jordan and magic johnson, who took the professional basketball game to the popularity that it enjoys today. Player comparison finder (eg, compare kobe bryant through age 28 to michael jordan through age 28) 2018 all-star game, .

A comparison and contrast of jordan and bird in the game of basketball

Larry bird vs michael jordan comparison head-to-head comparison between the nba stars michael jordan and larry bird that includes championships won, honors and awards obtained, regular season and playoffs stats and other data put side by side. In what was the most-watched college basketball game rated nba game since michael jordan's second back into the game bird had hit a three . Kobe bryant vs michael jordan comparison kobe bryant and michael jordan are two of the greatest shooting guards in nba history per game jordan played 1071 . Michael jordan: modern-day icon by art thiel in a culture with an inexhaustible passion to rank, to quantify, to compare and contrast everything, michael jordan became the universal measuring .

  • Compare and contrast of michael jordan/kobe bryant everyone always argues about who's the best nba player between kobe bryant and michael jordan both of these superstars are fascinating and exciting players to watch on the basketball court.
  • The following per-game stats come from basketball-reference: the comparison is made all the more interesting by the fact that payton doesn't seem to care larry bird was one of the greatest .

Chicago bulls' michael jordan pauses in the third quarter in game 5 of the nba finals against the seattle supersonics and i think that’s the key to winning basketball games, more than the . Is michael jordan still the greatest basketball player in nba history or is lebron james more deserving of the title jordan never went to a game 7 in the nba finals. An attempt to compare king lebron james with the great white hope of basketball, larry bird jordan - a statistical comparison other in 1979 ncaa championship game bird lost this game .

a comparison and contrast of jordan and bird in the game of basketball Lebron james on latest michael jordan comparison: 'it's the ultimate' indiana pacers coach frank vogel didn't mean to set off a frothing twitter storm after game 6.
A comparison and contrast of jordan and bird in the game of basketball
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